Member Services

A Union brings working women and men strength to relationships with their employers. Without the Union, any term of employment is solely at the employer’s discretion. It’s important to note that members are the Union. In other words, you and your unionized coworkers are the Union, and Union staff assist in the day-to-day operations, negotiations, filing grievances and with general representation. 

This section will provide some clarification and additional information on the services and benefits offered by our Component.



The Local, or Local Executive, should be the first and primary point of contact for most union related requests. Locals are organized to represent the union’s members from a particular geographic area or employer organization. If the Local is unable to resolve an issue or if it is of a National nature, it should be escalated to the National Office for review.



Special Needs and Moving On Project Celebrates 20 Years!

The Special Needs and Moving On projects are among the most outstanding examples of the way unions improve quality of life for their broader communities.

Union Education Fund

The Union Education fund is covered under Appendix “I” of the PSAC-Canada Post collective agreement. The fund is available to all Canada Post employees who are members of the PSAC-UPCE, exclusively for the purpose of education in all aspects of trade unionism.

Honorary and Life Memberships

Honorary membership (former members) 

Locals can apply to the National President to grant honorary membership to former members for outstanding service. The National Executive considers approval for these applications. Honorary members are also eligible for honorary membership in the PSAC under Section 4, Subsection 5 of the PSAC Constitution. 


Coughlin Life Insurance and Other Benefits

As offered on both the Coughlin and PSAC websites, all members of the PSAC, that are in good standing, are entitled to free life insurance in the amount of $5,000.  All that you have to do to qualify for this benefit,  is confirm your membership in the PSAC by completing the PSAC FREE $5,000 member information card found on the Coughlin or PSAC websites.  There are no medical exams or other obligations or commitments of any kind required.

Please visit the Coughlin website for additional information on the free life insurance at:


Please visit the PSAC website for additional information on life insurance and other benefits at: