The Union of Postal Communications Employees (UPCE) complies with the Public Service Alliance of Canada’s (PSAC) travel and allowance policies. It is strongly recommended that you review these policies before submitting a claim.

Expense Claim Form   

Expense Claim Form (fillable)

Travel Policy

Meal and Accommodation Allowances

Kilometric Rates

Calculation form for Union Billed

Family Care Expense Form

If you have any questions regarding the documents above and any of the associated processes below, please contact Chantal Campeau, Accounting Administrator by email: campeauc@psac.com or by phone: (613) 560-4268

The Process

For Local Business, all expenses should be processed and submitted as per each the Local’s process.

For National Union of Postal Communications Employees (UPCE) claim submissions, all expenses should be approved by the UPCE National President prior to a submission. Expenses according to the governing policies for UPCE National events to which a member is invited and has attended are automatically approved. However, the submission will be reviewed for accuracy against the governing policy.

For National Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) claim submissions, the attendee should submit the documentation directly to the PSAC. The PSAC has recently moved to an online/electronic method. Claims can be submitted by accessing the portal at the following address: https://psacunion.ca/user

For PSAC-UPCE salary reimbursement under “Union Billed”, under article 41.12, 41.14 and 41.17 of the PSAC-Canada Post collective agreement for which there is a continuation of pay, Canada Post UPCE members must receive approval prior to the event. Salary reimbursement for UPCE National events to which a Canada Post or Purolator member is invited and has attended are automatically approved. All UPCE-PSAC (excluding Local Business) requests and submissions should be made through the UPCE National Office. The UPCE recently signed an agreement with the PSAC. The UPCE will reimburse the employer and will invoice the PSAC for PSAC related business.