Each local has the authority to manage issues particular to its local, as well as issues that affect the interests of its own members, so long as the local’s work or regulations do not contravene any collective agreements or the Constitution, bylaws or policies of PSAC or UPCE. The names and areas of jurisdiction of UPCE locals are set out in a regulation established by the national executive. In the case of a jurisdictional dispute between locals, the question will be referred to the national executive for examination and decision. The decisions of the national executive in such cases are final and binding.

Local 00104 (Hamilton, ON) - Canada Post

Contact Information

39 Hackney Ridge 
Brantford ON
N3P 1T1


Lana Van Bradt (President)

Tel: (905) 664-0000 ext. 40043

Email: hamiltonlocal000104@gmail.com


BT Nguyen (1st Vice-President)

Local 00108 (Toronto, ON) - Canada Post

Contact Information

Dolores Drul, President 
UPCE - Toronto Local 00108
Gateway Postal Facility 
4567 Dixie Road
Mississauga ON, L4W 1S2

Tel: (416) 236-2133
Email: upcetor108@rogers.com


Dolores Drul (President)

Local 00121 (London, ON) - Canada Post

* Local 00121 represents members in London, Kitchener, Windsor, Thunder Bay and Sudbury (ON). 

Contact Information

5730 Wayne St, 
Lasalle, ON,
N9H 2M5

Email: upce00121@gmail.com


Cornelia Scheuermann (President)

Local 10102 (Montréal, QC) - Canada Post

* Local 10102 represents members in Montréal and Quebec, QC.


Contact Information

2580 Pl du Carrousel
Saint-Lazare Qc,  J7T 0E3
Tel: (514) 345-7381
Email: SEPCMaxpoirier@gmail.com


Local 20095 (BC) - Purolator

Contact Information

2114 Verde Vista RD
Kelowna, BC, V1P 1G5
Tel: (250) 765-0021, Fax: (250) 712-7631
Email: joandwes@shaw.ca


Joanne Hay (President)

Tel: (250) 712-0482 (work)

Tel: (250) 859-5117 (cell)

Local 20101 (Vancouver, BC) - Canada Post

Contact Information

105-1952 Comox Street 

Vancouver BC  V6G 1R5


Deborah Galiot (President)

Tel: (604) 273-1606 ext. 21635

Email: jadranka1069@gmail.com


Local 20104 (Victoria, BC) - Canada Post

Contact Information

316-1010 Bristol Road
Victoria BC,
V8X 4R8

Tel: (250) 479-0862 ext. 2005
Email: irongirl5@shaw.ca


Enzo Canil (President)

Tel: (250) 479-0862 ext. 2003

Local 30120 (Edmonton AB / Calgary, AB / Saskatoon SK / Regina SK) - Canada Post

*Local 30120 represents members in Edmonton and Calgary (AB) and Saskatoon and Regina (SK).

Contact Information

P.O. Box 1022
Stn Main
Edmonton AB T5J 2M1


Cindie Smith (President)

Tel: (780) 944-3333 ext. 43089

Email: cindie.smith@gmail.com

Local 50100 (Winnipeg, MB) - Canada Post

Contact Information

2114 Verde Vista Rd, Kelowna BC, V1P 1G5
Tel: (250) 859-5117
Email: hayj@psac.com


Joanne Hay (National Executive Officer)

Tel: (250) 859-5117

Local 60105 (Fredericton, NB) – Canada Post

Contact Information

P.O. Box 3403 STN B

Fredericton, NB, E3A 5H2

Local 70180 (Ottawa, ON) - Canada Post

Contact Information
P.O. Box 90065
2701 Riverside Drive
Ottawa, ON, K1V 1J8

Email: info@upceottawalocal.ca 

Denise Tremblay (President)

Tel: (613) 734-9373

Email: info@upceottawalocal.ca


Local 80100 (Halifax, NS / St-john's NL) - Canada Post

*Local 80100 represents members in Halifax, North Sydney (NS) & St-John’s (NL).


Contact Information

Local 80823 (Antigonish, NS) - Canada Post

Contact Information

1 - 133 Church St
Antigonish, NS, B2G 2L4
 Tel: (902) 867-1031 ext. 2012


Jamie Benoit (President)

Tel: (902) 867-1031 ext. 2012

Email: tomandjamie@eastlink.ca