Union Dues

Union dues deducted to members can be changed or affected by any of the following three conditions:

1. At a PSAC Triennial Convention

2. At an UPCE Triennial Convention

3. At a Local Annual General Membership Meeting.

The PSAC Portion of the dues are currently set at 0.9593 percent on the first step of the classification, plus 1 dollar to the strike fund.  

The UPCE portion of the dues are currently set at 1.188497 percent on the first step of the classification, and have remained unchanged since January, 2009.

The Local portion of the dues are a flat rate that varies from Local to Local.

In addition, a memorandum of agreement was signed between Canada Post and the UPCE-PSAC on May 27, 2014 regarding the dues deduction process and amount to be deducted for members occupying volume counter and part-time positions. Canada Post is directed to start the dues for anyone who is part time at $29.39/month and anyone who is full time at $80/month.

For members in volume counter positions, regardless of actual hours worked, the monthly dues amount to be paid is a frozen amount of $29.39.  

For members in part-time positions, dues are pro-rated based on the actual hours of work provided by Canada Post, compared against a default 37.5 hours/week, a full-time equivalency. Our systems will then recalculate the salary for anyone working part-time based on the information provided by the employer.  The correct dues and any subsequent adjustments to recover any arrears are sent to Canada Post. The dues should change to the new correct amount in a subsequent period.