Negotiations are in progress with Canada Post.

UPCE National Executive reply to the Global Offer

The UPCE National Executive Supports your Bargaining Team

Negotiating a new collective agreement on behalf of a membership is never an easy task. In fact, it is a responsibility that everyone takes very seriously. The UPCE National Executive has complete faith and trust in both the bargaining team, and in the longstanding process the Union continues to follow.

Deepak Chopra resigns

RE: Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra announces he will resign in March 2018

Social Justice Fund (SJF)

Social Justice Fund (SJF) - Jacqueline Gujarati presents to the PSAC NBoD

Making the case for postal banking in Canada

A new CCPA study finds that the traditional financial banking sector is not meeting the needs of all Canadians. According to the study there are many Canadians in large regions of the country not served by banking institutions, and an estimated 3% to 15% of Canadians do not have a bank account.

Pay Equity at Canada Post

Anyone who knows of former employees who may not have contacted Canada Post yet should encourage them to do so at, particularly if their address or name has changed since they were employed by the Corporation.