Negotiations are in progress with Canada Post. Find out more here.


Bill C-27

C-27 was introduced without notice or consultation with Canadians, pensioners, or unions and proposes measures that directly contradict election promises to improve retirement security for Canadians. If enacted, it will have negative implications for private and public-sector DB plans in every jurisdiction in Canada.

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UPCE President speaks to Parliamentary committee

UPCE President speaks to Parliamentary committee about Task Force on Canada Post

The following has been posted on the national website and social media:

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Prorated dues for Part-Timers

Prorated Dues for Part-Time Members

Earlier this year, we announced that the corrected membership dues for members in both part-time and volume counter positions, should start to be automatically deducted, and that we would continue to work on a refund for our members holding part-time positions.

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Making the case for postal banking in Canada

A new CCPA study finds that the traditional financial banking sector is not meeting the needs of all Canadians. According to the study there are many Canadians in large regions of the country not served by banking institutions, and an estimated 3% to 15% of Canadians do not have a bank account.

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Pay Equity at Canada Post

Anyone who knows of former employees who may not have contacted Canada Post yet should encourage them to do so at, particularly if their address or name has changed since they were employed by the Corporation.

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