Service Expansion

Appendix M Mandate

The Service Expansion and Innovation and Change committee, covered under the Appendix “M” of the collective agreement, is a joint committee including UPCE and Canada Post representatives who are work together to:

  • Materialize opportunities for UPCE surplus employees to access indeterminate positions through:
    • Initiatives and projects that could lead to the creation of UPCE positions.
    • Training to improve the employee’s qualification for existing or anticipated job opportunities.
    • Orientation sessions to newly surplused UPCE employees.
  • Identify growth and improvement opportunities, assess their feasibility and their benefit to UPCE and Canada Post.  The committee will also make submissions to retain work in the bargaining unit and/or to contract in work currently not performed by employees of the Corporation.

The complete version of the committee’s mandate is available in the Appendix M of the collective agreement.