National Vice-President

Claudia Labonté

The UPCE National Vice-President is elected as a full-time officer of the Component.  As a National Vice-President, Claudia Labonté follows the decisions as taken by the National Executive and those of the National Conventions of the UPCE and the PSAC.  Claudia assumes many of the responsibilities of the National President in his absence.  The Vice-President provides guidance to Locals, is chair of several committees, and represents the UPCE at other meetings or forums as required.

Claudia is a previous Chief Shop Steward and Secretary-Treasurer of the Ottawa Local 70180, and was a member of the Service Expansion and Innovation and Change Committee (Appendix M) for 4 years.  She is a Professional Engineer and holds a Master Certificate in Industrial Relations & Human Resources.  Her substantive position at Canada Post is Process engineering specialist.