National Executive Officer

Cindie Smith

The Component has three UPCE National Executive Officer positions within its structure. As one of the National Executive Officers, Cindie provides guidance and assistance to members and Locals within her jurisdiction on a regular basis, and is available to visit Locals upon reasonable request. The National Executive Officer also performs other duties as assigned by the National President.

Cindie has had a varied career within her 24 years at Canada Post, and now works in Route Optimization in the Prairie Division. She has served her Local for 20 years, holding progressive positions as Grievance Officer, Health and Safety Officer, Secretary / Treasurer and Vice-President. She is currently the Local President of Edmonton-Calgary Local 30120.  

She continues to focus on Health and Safety, with training including WCB, Duty to Accommodate, and other related Health and Safety courses.  This newly elected National Executive Officer presently sits on the NJOSH.